Nightmare Chassis, LLC is a young company that started as a hobby in Chris Freemann’s garage. Today we have a fully operational assembly line, for the design and production of the 600cc Modified Race Car.  An in-house precision manufacturing division produces many of the parts, thus enhancing standardization and quality control of parts.

We’ve made a home at I-44 Riverside Speedway, and early test runs have proven that the Nightmare Chassis 600cc Modified race cars have outrun and out performed other competitor models. After initial investment, maintenance on the car is minimal.

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I have had ultra-light Airplanes, Boats and Seadoos. None of it has been as exciting as the Nightmare Chassis.
Brian Gordon
The Nightmare Chassis is the ultimate Big Boy Toy.  It gives a rush like nothing I have had before.
Chris Freeman

About Nightmare Chassis

Nightmare Chassis is a new and growing business with a distinct mission: turning the building of race cars into a more innovative, affordable option for any driver.

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