Quentin Smith

As a small child Quentin was always fascinated by cars or, “anything with a motor”. At a very early age he was able to distinguish between the many makes and models often correcting the adults. Then one day he ordered a kit to build his own and the rest is history. He made modifications to the design which enhanced its performance, but soon found himself out of money. He sold this first car and as he walked away, he knew he would be building and selling cars one day.

Chris Freemann

Chris’s passion for creative design and fabrication began at the tender age of 11with RC racing. Today this natural talent is expressed through creative metal designs in the commercial world of company signs, logo’s, decorative art work, and most recently designing parts for the Nightmare Chassis 600cc Modified race car.

Greg Pekrul

Greg comes to us as a Certified Motorcycle Mechanic. Like so many young men the automotive industry was a natural. For Greg, however, it was in diagnosing and repairing engines. As a young soon to be sixteen year old he bought his first “junker” with money from mowing lawns. His goal was to “make it run”. He studied motorcycle mechanics at Vo-tech and excelled, becoming part of the “Skills USA Competition” where he won a scholarship to attend Wyo Tech in Florida.

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About Nightmare Chassis

Nightmare Chassis is a new and growing business with a distinct mission: turning the building of race cars into a more innovative, affordable option for any driver.

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